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Polar Pro Filter 6 Pack for Phantom 3/4

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PolarPro 3 Filter Pack for DJI Phantom 3 & 4

PolarPro have manufactured a direct replacement for the stock filter on your Phantom.

Have you noticed that your footage is too bright and there is no colour contrast?

Have you wondered why everyone's images have brilliant blue skies, vibrant green trees or can see through water?

Circular Polarizer Filter (CP): The circular polarizer filter helps enhance aerial videos by reducing the amount of light reflecting off the ground, sky, or water. Removing this reflecting light allows the Phantom 3 to capture beautifully saturated colors and improves contrast. This CP filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 1.4 f stops. Our target shutter speed is 1/100-1/150th so normally we use this CP during the early morning hours or dusk when we don't have to knock down the shutter speed too much. 

Neutral Density 8 (ND8): This 3-stop ND should be used on mildly sunny days. This filter helps prevent lens flare, and reduces any most rolling shutter. This filter also slows the shutter speed enough to blur the propellers when they are in frame. This image (link) was taken with the ND8, if i didn't have a filter then you wouldn't be able to see anything.

Neutral Density 16 (ND16): The 4-stop ND filter is what we use on brighter days, where we need to knock the shutter down by 4 stops to achieve a shutter of 1/100-1/150th. This filter will curb nearly all jello caused by the high vibrations of the Phantom 3 motors. Weight: 

Neutral Density 32 (ND32): The 5-Stop ND filter is what we use on extremely bright days. This filter is designed to take down the Phantom 3's shutter speed by 5 stops. This is a very dark filter so it should only be used where there is enough available light to reduce. We use this shooting in the desert or over snow on very bright days. 

3 Stop Polarizer (ND8/PL): The ND8/PL is a versatile filter, which reduces the cameras shutter speed by 3 stops while also providing polarization. Perfect for conditions that are too bright for the CP filter, the ND8/PL allows you to reduce the shutter speed 3 stops while also capturing beautifully saturated colors. 

4 Stop Polarizer (ND16/PL): The ND16/PL provides 4 stops of shutter speed reduction while also providing polarization. This is our go-to filter for sunny days where we want to capture saturated colors and improve saturation.

The goal of using ND filters is to reduce the camera’s shutter speed to 1/60th which in turn gives videos a smooth cinematic look, rather than a choppy high shutter speed look. A popular way of filming areal video is to have your shutter speed at double the frame rate. So if you are shooting 1080/60, then you want to try to achieve a 1/120th shutter speed. Or if filming 4K/30 or 24 you will want to be near 1/60th shutter speed. 

Removing and Installing:

Using a rubber band around your existing filter element, grip if with your thumb and fore finger, holding the gimbal/camera with your other hand turn anti-clockwise. The filter should come off with a little pressure.

Now to begin with, spin the PolarPro filter anti-clockwise until you feel it clip into the groove. Once you feel this turn it clockwise until it begins to tighten solidly. You are done! Take flight and watch the difference.