DJI Inpsire 2 with X4s camera (bonus DJI Care Refresh)

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DJI Inspire 2 with X4s Camera
(bonus DJI Care Refresh - Body Only)

End Of Financial Year Special:
We are providing you with DJI Care Refresh for the Inspire 2 Body - valued at $519

With the introduction of the Mavic Pro only weeks ago, we now introduce the latest commercial grade DJI Inspire 2 into the market.

Offering the following dramatic upgrades:

  • Front facing 2-axis stabilised camera
  • Dual battery system for extra flight time and power redundancy
  • Forward/Up obstacle avoidance
  • Video processing on the craft - NOT the camera (X5S only)
  • Speed increase to 100kmph+
  • Enhanced flight modes
  • DJI Lightbridge upgrade - now with 7km range (unobstructed)

Zenmuse X4s Camera

Contains the following:

  • 1inch sensor
  • 4K at 60fps
  • Lens shutter
  • 14fps burst mode stills at 20 megapixel (both JPEG and DNG)



DJI Care Refresh Inspire 2
DJI Care Refresh Inspire 2 $519
DJI Care Refresh Zenmuse X4s
DI Care Refresh Zenmuse X4s $99