Matrice 210 v2 RTK

Reliably Tough!

  • FPV Camera
  • Anti-collision Beacon
  • Discreet Mode
  • Mobile SDK Compatibility
  • DJI SkyPort Compatibility
  • TimeSync
  • Onboard SDK Compatibility
  • Power Onboard Devices
  • Built-in High-performance RTK Modules
  • D-RTK 2 Mobile Station Compatibility[1]

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DJI’s M210 v2 is the is the next step when it comes to enterprise UAV!

Built with the same enhanced intelligent control systems, flight performance, added flight safety and data security features as the M200 v2.

What DJI have done with the M210 v2 is add the ability to run dual cameras or add an ‘upward’ facing camera on top of the UAV. This sets DJI apart fro other UAV manufacturers and leaves the M210 v2 in a world of its own.

The ultimate platform became more ultimate.

Data AccuracyTo take full advantage of the M210 v2 RTK’s positioning modules, the new TimeSync system was created to continually align the flight controller, camera and RTK module. Additionally, TimeSync ensures each photo uses the most accurate metadata and fixes the positioning data to optical center of the lens – optimizing the results from photogrammetric methods and letting the image achieve centimeter-level positioning data. DJI’s new RTK?DJI has rethought its drone technology from the ground-up, revolutionizing its systems to achieve a new standard for drone accuracy – offering M210 v2 RTK customers centimeter-accurate data while requiring fewer ground control drones dji matrice 210 m210 bannerWhat is RTK? (wiki)Real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning is a satellite navigation technique used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems (global navigation satellite systems, GNSS) such as GPSGLONASSGalileo, and BeiDou. It uses measurements of the phase of the signal’s carrier wave in addition to the information content of the signal and relies on a single reference station or interpolated virtual station to provide real-time corrections, providing up to centimetre-level accuracy.[1]

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 20 cm
UAV Class

UAV Colour

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