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Drones for sale Brisbane

My Drones is a family run business that is based in Oxley in Brisbane.

We are passionate about what we do and try to provide exceptional service above all else.

After working in retail for 10 years and construction for another 7 years, we are used to dealing with people over the phone and face to face. One of our peeves about today society is the lack of communication. We are quick to email or message on Facebook but calling or visiting is becoming something of the past.

As a small business that has drones for sale Brisbane, I want to be able to provide you with correct answers straight away. Not answers that I think you want to hear, answers that are the truth.

I don't want you to buy a Phantom 4 at $2399 if you a only going to use the craft a few times or would use its features. You should buy the Phantom 3 Standard or Advanced. It's simple to understand but too many retailers want you to buy the most expensive unit just to make more money.

Feel free to give me a call or send an email as I will get back to you within minutes (mostly), then I will give you honest advice free of charge.

Drones for sale Brisbane

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