DJI Inspire 1 Videos

DJI Inspire 1 Video series

Straight from the YouTube channel of DJI, we make it much easier to get your new DJI Inspire 1 in the air and flying safely. I'm guessing you have upgraded to your Insprie 1 from the DJI Phantom range, if not maybe use a simulator to get the hang of it. Follow this video series and link back to it when you forget or want to remember something.

I found this really handy before purchasing my first DJI drone and then after not using a feature for a few weeks. The more you know and the more you use your DJI drone the better footage you will create.

Inspire 1 Tutorials - Unboxing and Preparing for Safe Flight

Inspire 1 Tutorials - What's Included

Inspire 1 Tutorials - Setting It Up

Inspire 1 Tutorials - How to Fly

Inspire 1 Tutorials - Dual Operator

Inspire 1 Tutorials - Updating the Firmware