DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro vs the GoPro Karma....who will win?
GoPro was the first to release their small collabsible drone in early September.
In late October they release a PRODUCT RECALL on all 2500 untis sold.

DJI however stumbled at first with the massive uptake from customers in which their factory couldnt produce enough craft for the orders. Still 2 months after the release date many thousands of eager customers still anticipate the arrival of this cutting edge flying machine.

Some of the features you will find on the Mavic Pro are:

    • Folding arms that collapse to make it as small as a water bottle you can take it anywhere.
    • OcuSync transmission for up to 7km range
    • 27min flight time at speeds of up to 64kph
    • True 4K fully stabilised footage
    • ActiveTrack, TapFly, enhanced Obstacle Avoidance and other smart features
    • Vision positioning and the successful GPS + GLONASS to ensure stable outdoor and internal flight

Mavic Pro

This is your typical boxed craft. Comes with craft, controller, 1x battery, 2x sets of 4 props, charger and cables.

Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

This however is so much more. You get the same craft, controller, charger and cables. Plus you will receive 2x spare batteries, 2x spare sets of props, a shoulder carry bag, battery charging hub and car charger.