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  • Better quality video using filters DJI Phantom Drone

    Posted | by Adam Young

    Better quality video using filters DJI Phantom Drone

    How to shoot Hollywood style video at budget prices

    Have you had your drone for a while now and struggle with bright images?

    Do you wonder how to those amazing colours, saturation/highlights and no lens flare in your video?

    How do the pros get smooth flicker free video?

    The answer is quick, cheap and easy. In the camera world they use a range of filters to provide effects and generally...

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  • Brisbane drone flying

    Posted | by Adam Young

    Brisbane drone flying

    When i first bought a drone i thought the world was my oyster. Take this little puppy out and do whatever i wanted.

    How wrong can one be....

    CASA has many restrictions on what you can and cant do. The biggest one is "You may not operate your drone within 5km of an airport and a place where planes take off or land from".

    I mean it doesn't sound that...

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  • First drone flight

    Posted | by Adam Young

    First drone flight

    Flying a drone for the first time can be a little daunting....take it from me i know.

    The drones available from DJI make them in such a way that you can literally pull them out of the box, charge the intelligent flight battery plus controller, install your propellers, download the DJI Go app and fly it.

    They are that simple.

    One thing that i do recommend is to view the...

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